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Parenting Education Resource Fair

posted by Ade Ogunlewe

Parenthood is one of life’s most important journeys. It’s a journey of life-long learning, rich with tales that must be shared and celebrated.  At KW Counselling Services, we believe that by building connections bound by shared and unique experience, we can strengthen the fabric of our communities.  


Exploring the Future of Parenting Education

posted by Diane McGregor

July brings us to the close of the first six months of our new project, Exploring the Future of Parenting Education. As many of you already know, we are engaging the citizens of Waterloo Region in a dialogue about parenting education. Parenting is a life long journey—we don’t always know where we’re heading or how we’ll get there, but we’re certainly learning every step of the way. HOW people want to make that learning happen is what we want to know. From a “design thinking” perspective, we ask people to share with us how they learn their parenting skills or how they gain information about parenting. Then we ask them to imagine, in an ideal world (with no barriers or constraints) how they would most like to learn this. We invite people to explore—and imagine—the future of parenting education.


Lyle’s Place

posted by Scott Williams

Today, on what would have been Lyle’s 93rd birthday, we remember the legacy of Lyle S. Hallman.