Clinical Supervision Training

KW Counselling Services offers training to clinical supervisors.

We currently do not have the dates set for our next training sessions. Please watch this space for upcoming training dates. All the information will be posted here once details are confirmed.

You can find more information about our most recent Clinical Supervision Training below.

The College of Registered Psychotherapist of Ontario (CRPO) has clearly outlined the requirements for being a clinical supervisor in Ontario. Clinical supervisors are now required to have 30 hours of directed learning in supervision.  From the CRPO website:

“As of, April 1, 2018. “The Registration Committee has approved the following criteria for demonstrating competence in providing clinical supervision:

The supervisor must be a member in good standing of a regulatory college whose members may practise psychotherapy. The supervisor must have five years’ extensive clinical experience. The supervisor must meet CRPO’s “independent practice” requirement (completion of 1000 direct client contact hours and 150 hours of clinical supervision). The supervisor must have completed 30 hours of directed learning in providing clinical supervision. Directed learning can include course work, supervised practice as a clinical supervisor, individual/peer/group learning, and independent study that includes structured readings. The supervisor must provide a signed declaration that they understand CRPO’s definitions of clinical supervision, clinical supervisor, and the scope of practice of psychotherapy.”

KW Counselling Services can provide training in all four areas required by CRPO:

  • Course work
  • Supervised practice as a clinical supervisor
  • Individual/peer/group learning
  • Independent study that includes structured readings

This online training is beneficial for all Mental Health Professionals (Psychotherapists, Social Workers, Counsellors) who provide clinical supervision or are planning on doing so.

The following is information about our most recent training. We do not have the dates set for our next round of training. Please keep an eye on our website for information about upcoming sessions. Once dates and details are confirmed, we will post here.

Clinical Supervision Training 

*Past information*

These three-hour virtual workshops were provided from 9am – 12pm on the second Friday of each month, from January through to May, 2022.

The workshops are accepted as part of CAMFT Supervisors Refresher Process.

Your facilitator is Veena Kaur, M. Sc., RP, RMFT, Director of Training, Multicultural and Trauma Services, KW Counselling Services.

January 14 – Roles and Responsibilities in Clinical Supervision:

A clinical supervisor plays multiple roles including that of a teacher, mentor, coach and administrator. This workshop will explore these roles as well as the responsibilities associated with each of these roles. We will focus on clinical supervision being a place for building and integrating Psychotherapy competencies outlined by CRPO.

February 11 – Putting Theory into Practice in Clinical Supervision:

Psychotherapists have a wide range of theoretical frameworks to choose from for their work with clients. However, they often struggle with applying theory into practice in a coherent manner and look to their supervisors for support in developing this skill. In this workshop, we will discuss how case conceptualization relates to any specific theoretic model used and how this shapes the goals and outcomes of therapy. Supervisors will explore the phenomenon of “parallel process” in applying theory to practice.

March 11 – “Safe and Effective Use of Self” in Clinical Supervision:

Our history, our context and experiences, these all can have significant impact on who we are as psychotherapists. “Use of Self” refers to our ability to understand and to draw upon our subjective experience in our work with clients. In this workshop, we will focus on how, as supervisors, we support supervisees in building this competency. We will also reflect on supervisors’ use of self in supervision.

April 8 – Promoting Cultural Competence in Clinical Supervision:

Our communities are becoming increasingly more diverse and so is our client population. Cultural competency is not only integral to the overall competence of all psychotherapists serving the diverse community but is also their ethical responsibility. This workshop will focus on how clinical supervisors can support psychotherapists in building this competency. Supervisors will be invited to explore their own cultural competence and the challenges they face in promoting cultural competence in supervision.

May 13 – Ethical considerations in clinical supervision:

As supervisors, we guide our supervisees in working though ethical dilemmas arising in their work with clients. Supervision includes developing skills and competence in the process of decision making when faced with complex situations. The workshop will focus on specific examples of ethical dilemmas arising in clinical work. In addition, supervisors will also discuss the ongoing ethical decisions they make in their relationship with their supervisees.

We will post on this webpage once dates are confirmed for our next training, so please check back here for upcoming session information. If you have questions about our Clinical Supervision Training with KW Counselling Services please contact our Director of Training, Veena Kaur, at 519.884.0000 ext 219 or email