Corporate Workshops & Seminars

KW Counselling Services provides customized workshops and seminars to the corporate and professional community on a fee for service basis. These services are aimed to assist with issues that arise in corporate settings and for professionals in the social service sector.

Corporate Workshops

Needs Analysis & Wellness Programs

Preventing problems and promoting a healthier work force boosts the health of both the employee and the organization. we design health promotion programs that teach and encourage the development of a healthy lifestyle. We currently offer more than 40 different educational seminars which offer up-to-date information on many issues.


Presentation Seminars

Our seminars are designed to help groups of employees who are experiencing similar concerns or issues. They are listed in the following categories: Emotional, Medical, Parenting, Physical, Relationships, Social, and Workplace. Some Presentation Seminars you may want to consider are:


Prolonged stress can result in emotional, physical and mental exhaustion. This seminar will help participants commit to serious lifestyle changes, in order to avoid burnout.


This seminar will help participants to face their grief in a comforting and safe environment. They will learn about what to expect while grieving, how to take care of themselves in the process, and how to deal with negative emotions in a healthy way.

Holidays & Stress

Holidays are supposed to be a time of joy and happiness. In reality, in can be a time of immense stress and sadness. This seminar will help participants find a balance at a busy time of year. They will learn stress coping mechanisms and how to prioritize so that they can enjoy a special time of year.

Managing Anger and Aggression

This seminar will define and explain anger and aggression. Supervisors and managers will learn how to identify and deal with troubled employees. Suggestions and strategies will be provided to make it easier for a supervisor or manager to do his or her job when dealing with an angry or aggressive person.

Stress Management

This seminar defines stress and explores its causes. Participants learn to identify personal stressors and signs of stress while acquiring stress management techniques. Participants will also develop a personalized stress management action plan that will help them to be healthier and happier.

Women & Anger

Anger is a signal that something is not right in our world. Our beliefs about anger and our beliefs about ourselves determine how we deal with anger. This seminar will help women deal with anger in effective and constructive ways to improve their health and well-being.


This seminar explores and explains what depression is, what causes depression, and how it affects the workplace. The stages of depression are described in detail, as well as signs that you or someone you know is depressed. This seminar is beneficial for anyone who is depressed, has been depressed, or knows someone who is depressed. The seminar also focuses on the characteristics of those with good mental health.


Most women begin the process of menopause while in their late 40’s, and although the experience is very individual there are some common changes. The physical and emotional changes that accompany this transition can have a significant impact on your work performance and well being. This workshop will provide information about the symptoms of menopause, the impact on health, and offer solutions to take charge and shape the next chapter of your life.

ADHD and School Issues

Most students with ADHD or learning problems achieve far below their potential. Explore the connection between ADHD and learning problems. Learn ways to help your child cope better at school.

Anger and Emotions Management

Parenting can be frustrating. Join us to learn how to handle your own emotions constructively and support your child to be in control of their many emotions.

Building Self-Esteem in Your School Aged Child

Nothing is more important to a child’s future than his/her own sense of self-worth. This workshop encourages parents to be more conscious of the subtle (and not so subtle) ways you affect your child’s self-esteem. Learn realistic, practiced and proven techniques for giving your child control over his or her life.

Children’s Anger Management

Children experience many emotions which you see everyday! Learn effective techniques to teach your child to support their many emotions.

Controlling the Volcano Within

Many parents feel angry sometimes. Children have a way of pushing our buttons. Learn to recognize your own anger patterns. Model effective ways of expressing anger positively and teach children to manage their emotions in productive ways.

Dealing with Bullies

Are you concerned your child is being bullied? Are you unsure of how to support your school-aged child (grades 1-8)? This workshop will focus on providing parents with strategies to support their children who may be dealing with a bully in their life. We will also look at how to deal with your child if they are in the bully or bystander role.

Effects of Divorce on Children

Divorce is a difficult time for everyone. Learn how your child is feeling and why they may behave in certain ways. Learn how you can support them during this life transition.

From Argument to Agreement

Keeping your cool, and reaching a positive solution can be tough, yet conflict with kids is a fact of life. Learn specific ideas for handling conflict with your child positively.

From Conflict to Cooperation

Bedtime. Chores. Homework. Sibling bickering. These and other hassles with your children can bring you to the boiling point. This strategy packed course will give you the tools to handle conflict with your children.

Good Discipline, Good Kids

This workshop helps you get past the daily power struggles with your children. It will show you how to engage cooperation with them, set realistic expectations/limits, problem solve and use alternatives to punishment.

Help Your Child Succeed in School

We all want our children to be successful and the tools they learn in school are their building blocks for life. Learn how to build self-confidence and discipline in your child that can lead to school success.

Holding on – Letting Go – Supporting Older Children with Special Needs

It’s hard to let go when we are parenting a special needs child. Learn strategies to let go gradually and respectfully with your growing adult child.

Lying and Stealing

What’s normal and how do we deal with these behaviours? Learn how to handle lying and stealing from your toddler through to your teen.

Mom’s House, Dad’s House – Issues of Separated Parents

Separated parents face unique challenges. Although you may consider yourself a calm individual, you will go through many emotions from the time you separate to the ultimate resolution. This workshop will provide parents with effective strategies to deal with these many emotions, their child’s feelings and transitions between homes.

Parenting Preschoolers

The preschool years are an important time for setting the basics of discipline, communication and encouragement skills. Many parents find the preschool years an energetic and trying time. Learn tips to deal with eating and bedtime routines, temper tantrums and power struggles.

Parenting Your Elementary School Aged Child

Learn how to communicate positively with your child and help them gain confidence as they deal with a complex world. We will discuss peer relationships, sibling issues and chores.

Parenting Your Teen

Just when you’ve figured out your child, they’ve become a teenager. Learn how to communicate with teens, set boundaries and resolve problems with mutual respect.

Parenting When You Have Cancer

Parenting is challenging, especially when you are living with cancer. Learn the importance of parental self-care, as well as helpful tips of things to say and things to avoid saying, to support your child during this time.

Peer Relationships

Does your child have friends? Always complaining about the kids at school? Come out to learn successful strategies to support your child and teach them how to deal with peer conflict constructively.

Preschoolers and Their Many Emotions

Young children experience many emotions during the course of the day. This workshop will look at understanding your child’s feelings and practical strategies to help young children express themselves in socially acceptable ways.

Pre-teens Scare Me!

So many changes are happening with our pre-teen! The key to parenting our pre-teenager is to start with a loving relationship. Learn ways to build your parent-child relationship and how to deal with their natural rebellious tendencies.

Raising Responsible Children

Teaching children to be responsible goes beyond the issue of getting them to help with chores. It goes to the heart of our relationships and interactions with our children, and can be nurtured with specific parenting strategies. This workshop focuses on strategies which nurture responsibility in children.

Report Card Issues

Report Cards can be a challenging time for kids and parents. Learn now to support your child with their negative feelings, how to respond to their grades positively and how to prepare for parent-teacher conferences.

Rules for a Happy Home – Establishing Clear Boundaries

Create a happier more peaceful home environment by setting clear rules for the whole family. Establish or maintain your authority as a parent and at the same time keep your children’s self-esteem intact.

Solving Sibling Squabbles

The perfect solution to this parenting dilemma is to have only one child. For most of us, it’s too late! Learn the causes and benefits of sibling rivalry as well as techniques for tough sibling situations.

Talking to Your Teen

Some parents feel like every time they go to talk to their teen a war emerges. Learn effective strategies to deal with these difficult years where everyone ends up feeling like winners.

Talking to Kids about Death

Talking to our children about difficult topics like death is not easy. Learn what you can say and what to avoid saying to truly support your child when dealing with the topic of death.

Temper Tantrums

Does your child always seem unwilling to co-operate at the worst possible times? Learn more about why these tantrums may be occurring and possible strategies to deal with these challenging behaviours.

Temper Taming/Taming the Dragon

Children deal with anger differently. Learn the 6 ways children handle anger and proven strategies to support them.

Temperature Rising

Are the kids at it again? Feeling frustrated? You’re not alone! In this workshop, parents will look at strategies to recognize, understand, control and express our anger constructively.

Those Challenging Teen Years

Tattoos, Parties, Late Nights, “Keep Out” signs…When did all this happen? Welcome to ‘those challenging teen years’. Learn how to communicate effectively with your teen, set clear boundaries, avoid conflicts and resolve problems.

Understanding and Managing Children’s Anger

Children can fly from calm to a storm in moments. Understand these quick changes and learn effective strategies to remain calm and bring your children through the storm.

What is Care giving?

Many of us have to face the difficult reality that we will have to start “parenting” our parents. The participants of this seminar will learn how to effectively care for the physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs of another person, while maintaining their own personal health and well being. Topics such as when it is time to start care giving, the positive and negative impact of care giving and what is involved in care giving are covered.

What is Normal Development

Children experience many emotions daily. Learn about your school aged child’s emotional health, signs of distress and coping skills to support your child.

Winning at Parenting

No one likes me! They won’t play with me! Sound familiar? Learn more about your child’s friendships and how to strengthen their self-esteem which is vital to maintain healthy peer relationships.

Nutrition and Children

Does your child eat enough fruits and vegetables per day? Do they spend more than 3 hours per day watching TV, playing computer games or on the internet? Too often we assume children get enough physical activity and that their eating habits are healthy. Join in this informative workshop to find out if your child is enjoying all the benefits of healthy eating and healthy active living.

Pre Menstrual Syndrome

There are many myths surrounding Pre Menstrual Syndrome. This seminar will help participants to clearly understand the symptoms and causes of PMS. Participants will be reassured to learn that PMS is not just a figment of their imaginations. They will receive helpful information about how to effectively manage their Pre Menstrual Syndrome, so that it doesn’t inhibit their enjoyment of life.

Smoking Cessation

Smoking is one of the hardest addictions to overcome – but it is possible. This seminar will provide participants with the tools to kick the habit and to start living again. These tools include relaxation techniques, gaining support from loved ones and methods of dealing with cravings. Participants will also be encouraged to think about why they started smoking, why they hold on to it, and what they can do to free themselves from the negative cycle.

Caring for Your Elderly Parents

This seminar will help to increase participants’ awareness of the physical and emotional aspects of aging. They will examine how to develop a more meaningful relationship with their elderly parents and will receive information on the different community resources available to them and their aging parents.

Couples Communication

This seminar is intended to help couples reach a deeper level of communication in order to promote team work, kindness, respect for one another and a focus on the relationship rather than being right. Participants will learn about the stages of relationships, the fears and hopes of couples, and what negative and positive “glue” keeps couples together.

Dealing with Difficult People

This seminar identifies types of difficult people, while developing strategies for effectively communicating and dealing with them. This seminar also helps with conflict and anger management.

Enhancing Couple Communication

Learn effective techniques to strengthen the couple relationship like empathetic listening, “I messages” and the problem solving model.

Balancing Work and Family

This seminar will teach participants to look for the signs that their lives are out of balance, identify the barriers in their lives to having balance and how to develop a plan to achieve balance. Participants will learn how to listen to their internal messages and empower themselves. The key to this seminar is that when people achieve balance in their lives, they feel better about themselves, are healthier and have more authentic and satisfying relationships with others.

Dealing with Difficult People

This seminar identifies types of difficult people, while developing strategies for effectively communicating and dealing with them. This seminar also helps with conflict and anger management.

Lifestyle Planning for Retirement

Retirement is a new life stage involving change, adjustment, uncertainty and personal growth. This seminar focuses on the psychology of leaving work, the emotional process of adjusting to retirement and how relationships are affected by retirement. Participants will learn how to make retirement an exciting and positive change in their lives.

Managing Change

This seminar will help participants to understand transition and to identify strategies and resources to assist them in dealing with transitional issues. Participants will be encouraged to develop and commit to an action plan that will help them move forward.

Survival Tips for Busy Families

Forget what day it is? Where are we supposed to be? Managing such stress in our fast paced society is crucial for successful living. In this workshop, we will learn strategies to find and maintain a sense of balance in our family lives.

Defusing Conflict in Increasingly Complex and Stressful Workplaces.

This workshop includes use of a conflict reduction communication grid created by Hugh McGeary of Calgary that helps individuals identify the kinds of communication processes that promote conflict and tension escalation, and those that help defuse them. People are taught how to read whether an interaction is “self-defining”, “exploring”, “connecting” or “influencing”. Healthy examples of direct and respectful influencing are given along with a “hands-on” practice example.

Supervisory Training

This seminar trains supervisors and managers to effectively identify and deal with troubled employees. Participants will be given suggestions and strategies to make it easier to do their job and will become more aware of how their employee assistance program can help them and their employees.

Career Development

This seminar examines a solution-focused approach to personal career development. Participants will learn about recruitment from an employer’s perspective, how to create the best resumes, and how to self-market. They will also explore visual, vocal, and verbal impressions.

Promoting a Positive Workplace

This seminar identifies the contributors and barriers to a positive work environment. Participants will learn the characteristics of positive communication and how to develop those skills. Each participant will be encouraged to examine their own personal conflict resolution style and to learn and practice new ways of managing conflict in the workplace.

Administering Change

This seminar is intended for organizations going through change. Participants will learn how to deal with the social aspects of change, as well as the role of the leaders during change. This seminar promotes harmony and continuity within the organization.

Conflict Management

Conflict in the workplace can cause harmful stress. When conflict is handled effectively, stress can be minimized and personal and work relationships will improve. Participants of this seminar will examine the impact of conflict in the workplace.

Team Building

This seminar explores what makes an effective team, how to build a team and how to develop good communication skills. Participants will also learn how to deal with team conflict.

Workplace Harassment

This seminar will help participants to understand the legal definitions and terminology related to harassment and to become more aware of the negative impact of harassment on people. Each person will be encouraged to take individual responsibility for preventing harassment in the workplace, whether they witness it, experience it or are guilty of doing it. This seminar enables each participant to contribute to a respectful company culture.