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Counselling Diverse Groups

posted by Scott Williams

As part of our longstanding commitment to promoting the counselling profession, KW Counselling Services operates as a teaching facility for the next generation of social workers and other therapists. We work with as many as 60 interns each year and are always proud to hear of their accomplishments.

Kaitlyn Hillier finished her work with us as an intern this month and we are pleased to report that she and a colleague recently had an article published in the Canadian Journal of Counselling and Psychotherapy. The article, entitled “Counselling Diverse Groups: Can a Therapist Help a Witch?” examines how therapeutic counsellors might adapt a practice like tarot card reading to structure a counselling session for an individual who comes from a Pagan background.

In their article, Hillier and Jerry point out that working with clients from diverse backgrounds in Canada is a topic that has been well-examined elsewhere – with the exception of working with groups from diverse belief systems including religious and spiritual backgrounds not normally considered mainstream, like Paganism.

Their article has been accepted for presentation at the 2015 International Psychoanalytic Association Congress Conference in Boston in July.

We will miss working with Kaitlyn but are extremely proud to have been part of her development as a therapist and we look forward to seeing what’s next for her and all of our interns.