Diversity and Cultural Competency Training

KW Counselling Services is committed to creating a community where all aspects of diversity are celebrated and supported. We aim to enrich our community by providing cutting edge diversity training including how to support people of all ethnicities, genders, sexual/gender identities, cultural and socio-economic backgrounds, abilities and beliefs.

What are the benefits of diversity and cultural competence training?

There are numerous benefits to cross cultural competency training. Ten of the most critical ones include:

  • Self-Awareness: People learn about their own strengths, weaknesses, prejudices and preconceptions.
  • Builds Confidence: Diversity and cultural competency training promotes self-confidence in individuals and teams through empowerment.
  • Breaks down Barriers: Our training demystifies ‘the other’ and allows for creating richer relationships.
  • Builds Trust: Awareness leads to dialogue which leads to understanding which results in trust.
  • Motivates: Through self-analysis people begin to recognize areas in which they need to improve and become motivated to develop.
  • Opens Horizons: Our training helps people think outside the box.
  • Develops People Skills: Participants develop better ‘people skills’ – they begin to deal with people with sensitivity and empathy.
  • Develops Listening Skills: By becoming good listeners, people become good communicators.
  • Using Common Ground: Participants move towards creating a shared space while continuing to appreciate and celebrate difference.

Our diversity and cultural competency training seeks to provide participants with an insight into how people and cultures differ, how our social locations impact our experience in this world, and how, on a deeply human level, our struggles remain the same. We explore complex concepts of cross-cultural communication and relationship development in an environment of empathy and unity.

For more information on our diversity and cultural competency training please contact 519.884.0000 ext 219.