Employee Assistance Programs

An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a set of confidential, quick, and easy-to-access professional services to help employees and their families cope with stress, change, work and family relationship issues.

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The services provided can include:

  • Individual, couple, family and group counselling
  • 24 hour access to telephone crisis counselling
  • Credit counselling including budget management and debt counselling
  • Critical incident stress management
  • Staff and manager orientation
  • Wellness workshops
  • Manager training
  • Consultative services for managers
  • Formal referrals
  • Legal service
  • Promotional materials

Personal problems are evident in every workplace:

  • Stress contributes to 85% of accidents, impacting on short and long term disability, extended health care costs and costs for replacement workers. (Benefits Canada)
  • 15% of the workforce causes 90% of absenteeism;
  • Emotional factors account for 61% of time lost. (Stats Canada)
  • 10-15% of employees have severe personal problems with performance at least 35% below normal presenteeism. (CMHA)

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