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Emergency Community Support Funding for Counselling

posted by KWCS Staff

KW Counselling Services is grateful to have received $40,000 from the Government of Canada’s COVID-19 Emergency Community Support Fund through Employment & Social Development Canada and administered by United Way Waterloo Region Communities.

These funds have allowed us to reimagine our Walk In Counselling Clinic (closed during the pandemic) to provide dedicated single-sessions of counselling virtually. While these single-sessions cannot fully replace our Walk In Counselling Clinic, they make it possible for us to provide quick-access counselling services to those most in need.

It is important that people who are seeking counselling are able to access it in their time of need. To get started with either ongoing or single-session counselling, people can call us at 519.884.0000 and speak with our Intake Team.

On behalf of the people we serve, KW Counselling Services extends its thanks to the Government of Canada and United Way Waterloo Region Communities.


A list of all the local funded organizations can be found here.