Internships/Educational Placements

KW Counselling Services is proud to partner with many colleges and universities to offer clinical and academic training for students pursuing a Master of Social Work, Graduate level practicum placement, or other graduate level counselling internships.

Many excellent therapists across Canada owe their clinical skills to the commitment of KW Counselling Services.

If you are interested in pursuing a practicum placement or internship, please contact us at

Opportunities for Graduate Level Interns

Following an adult learning model, we encourage interns to develop their own unique and specific learning goals and take advantage of opportunities available to them at KWCS to reach their goals.

There are three practicum/internship start dates: September, January and May. The start dates are aligned with university Fall, Winter and Spring terms. The following information outlines a typical practicum experience for a Masters Level placement at KW Counselling Services.


A six-day orientation taking place over the first two weeks of the practicum includes:

  • Overview of agency Policies & Procedures
  • Overview of agency programs and services
  • Review of foundational counselling skills
  • Review of anti-oppressive practice and ethical decision making
  • Suicide Risk Assessment and Safety Planning
  • Overview of Duty to Report requirements
  • Overview of Trauma Treatment
  • Training on client database system

Clinical Work

  • Participate in weekly Walk-In Counselling Clinic
  • See 6 to 10 or more weekly ongoing clients
    (depending on your university program requirements)
  • Participate in peer consultation
  • Learn clinical documentation practices
  • Learn how to collaborate with community collateral service providers
  • Shadow experienced therapists

Group Work

Interns are encouraged to participate and co-facilitate various groups offered at KW Counselling Services including:

  • OK2BME Youth Groups
  • Strong Moms, Safe Kids
  • Parenting Groups


The goal of supervision at KW Counselling Services is for interns to have an increased sense of professional competence and confidence. Supervision includes case consultation, clinical skill development, case formulation, integration of theory into clinical practice and safe and effective use of self. Supervisors have at least five years of professional experience and are either registered MSWs or CRPO-approved. During their placements interns will:

  • Participate in weekly dyadic supervision sessions. Duration: 1.5 hours.
  • Participate in weekly group supervision. 1 hour.
  • Have access to ad hoc supervision during Walk In Counselling Clinic
  • Have access to on-call supervisor

Each term, Interns will also have opportunities to:

  • Attend monthly Lunch & Learn education sessions
  • Participate in monthly Staff Meetings
  • Attend any professional trainings provided for staff

Many excellent therapists across Canada owe their clinical skills to the commitment of KW Counselling Services.

If you are interested in pursuing a graduate level practicum placement with KW Counselling Services please contact

If you are looking for an externship and you have your qualifying status (Registered Psychotherapist Qualifying) from CRPO and wish to complete your direct client contact hours and supervision hours, please apply with your resume and cover letter to