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Introducing Greenspace

posted by Staff

Introducing Greenspace

KW Counselling Services has started using a secure, online platform called Greenspace to measure/learn about how people progress in their counselling. Research shows us that counselling outcomes are improved when clients measure their progress throughout the counselling process.

Clients who choose to use Greenspace will complete some questionnaires about how they are feeling and coping in their lives. Both the client and the counsellor see the results. We do these questionnaires at different points throughout the counselling as a way of seeing how people progress.

Greenspace is a third-party software platform that is run by a company called Greenspace Mental Health Ltd. The software is designed to help measure and track your progress in counselling. It only takes only a few seconds to create a Patient Account and all the information you provide is securely stored on this platform. Your information is kept confidential and private at all times. Only you, your counsellor and our administrative supervisors will see what you submit.

If you are a client and would like more information about Greenspace or would like to try it, please speak with your counsellor.