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Meet Jasmin!

posted by KWCS Staff

Meet Jasmin!


Jasmin started with KW Counselling Services as an intern in 2016. She was hired shortly after and has been working as an administrative assistant/intake worker since.



Why is this work important to you? This work is important to me because I believe KW Counselling Services is making a positive difference in people’s lives and I’m honoured to be a part of that process.

What is your favourite thing about KW Counselling Services?  My favourite thing about KW Counselling Services is our inclusivity and genuine desire to help people.

What message would you share with people who are not sure if counselling is for them? Seeking help from a counsellor can be uncomfortable, vulnerable, and intimidating. However, talking to someone who has an external point of view can be an essential part of guiding us into a deeper understanding of ourselves and furthering our healing process. I personally have had chapters in my life where I needed help from a counsellor. With the help of social work professionals, I was able to gain insight and skills to move through life more easily. If you are unsure about counselling, know that no matter what you are going through, big or small, counsellors are there to help guide you through.


Stay tuned for more blog posts where you'll get to meet more of the people at KW Counselling Services!