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Meet Teresa!

posted by KWCS Staff

Teresa began her working career as an Early Childhood Educator. She then moved to supervising a nursery school before becoming a parent herself. “After staying at home as a full time mommy for a few years, I worked for a second stage housing project in St Catharines supporting parents with their young children.  After another five years, I worked for an Early Years Centre through Family and Children’s services in Welland.” Teresa also has experience working for Monica House in Waterloo supporting young moms on their journeys.

Working part time at KW Counselling Services makes it easier for Teresa to find a work/home life balance. Teresa now has four children. “In 2008, I began my journey with KWCS as a Family Outreach Worker.  I worked at Breithaupt Centre supporting families experiencing low income, and linking families to much needed resources.” In 2017 there were changes to the Family Outreach Program which is now administered by House of Friendship. At that point, Teresa became part of our Parenting Education & Supports Team facilitating Temper Taming Together groups and working as an Experienced Parent on the Parenting Now project.

“I’m the Parenting Now Community Lead which means I coordinate, support and keep open communication with our Experienced Parents at all the parent chats in the community.  Our Experienced Parents have conversations with other parents, talking about anything pertaining to their parenting journey.  Our Experienced parents are not ‘experts’ therefore are able to support parents through their experience in a mentoring role and point parents to ‘the experts’ and resources as needed.”

“I also work in Parenting with Passion as a facilitator and am currently mentoring some of our Experienced Parents to possibly be future facilitators.  After losing the funding for our very popular Temper Taming Together (T3) program, we recently received a grant from the KW Community Foundation to run a one-time T3 group in Arabic that is currently running.”


Why would you encourage people to visit

Parenting Now is a very unique concept where parents support other parents on their parenting journeys.  We do this online through our Parenting Now website and also connect with parents in the community.  We receive more and more requests to do talks and have parent chats at parent nights at schools, or in community centres.  Parenting does not come with a manual. What I find so special about Parenting Now is how we connect with other parents on their journeys. I would encourage any parent or caring adult to visit our website at where we have articles, tips, and stories written by parents of Waterloo Region.”