Multicultural Counselling

Our counsellors work regularly with people from diverse backgrounds and attend to issues of diversity and their impact on individuals, couples and families.

We are committed to providing services for issues relative to diversity with an emphasis on appreciating the impact of individual differences.

We have ongoing relationships with many agencies including: the Multicultural Centre, Focus for Ethnic Women, YMCA Settlement Counsellors, and Muslim Social Services. Referrals are also made to these and other multicultural service agencies where required. Counselling is offered for any situation including trauma.

We are committed to making our services accessible. If you have a need for counselling in another language, please speak to your Intake Worker about what might be available. Subject to change, currently we have therapists on staff that speak Polish, Spanish, Russian, Farsi, Serbian, Croatian, Hindi and Punjabi.

We also offer parenting programs focusing on raising successful children in two cultures. For more information please see Parenting in Two Cultures.