Multicultural Outreach and Leadership Development

Multicultural Outreach

The importance of reaching out and welcoming Newcomers became ingrained in the principles of KW Counselling Service beginning in 1956, when Hungarian refugees settling in this community were supported through outreach activities.

Outreach has since become embedded in our activities as a means to welcome people from various cultures, many where the word “counselling” does not exist.

Often it is the extended family and community who assist families in times of need. For those who have lost their traditional supports and who are arriving with a history of trauma and loss,
KW Counselling Services provides connections to informal and formal supports in community venues known to Newcomers.

These locations include many Neighbourhood Associations and agencies that primarily work with immigrants and refugees such as Focus for Ethnic Women, YMCA settlement services and the K-W Multicultural Centre.

For more information about this service contact us at 519.884.0000 x219

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Together is Better

KW Counselling Services responds to the requests of multicultural groups in Waterloo Region who would benefit from consultation, organizational development, office space, administrative and infrastructure supports in becoming sustainable and maximizing their potential.

In addition to providing much needed support, we also facilitate collaboration and networking between these groups through monthly joint meetings with Bridging Resources, our committee of multicultural leaders.

For a number of years KW Counselling Services has acted as a “transfer agency” for small multicultural groups (intermediary charities) who have no charitable status and who receive grants from United Way, KWCF or similar granting bodies. In addition to requiring a registered charity to act as a “banker” for funds, these groups often also require coaching in grant and project management.

These groups, such as the Coalition of Muslim Women, the South Sudan Canadian Association and the Parents Club for Seniors Speaking Russian, to name but a few, have wonderful activities that build community, belonging and citizenship. Their capacity is often hampered by the lack of administrative, governance and infrastructure supports that Together Is Better offers.

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Bridging Resources

Bridging Resources is a committee of multicultural leaders.

Bridging Resources reaches out to new and experienced ethno-cultural leaders who are committed to strengthening the fabric of ethnic communities and promoting a sense of belonging in Waterloo Region. These members meet to share resources, ideas and receive leadership training. With this knowledge and training, they are better equipped to act as ambassadors. They reach out as leaders to form a bridge to resources which may otherwise remain inaccessible to their communities.

Networking and workshops are monthly from September to June. For membership information contact: 519.884.0000 x219

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Leadership Development Program

We offer Leadership Development Training for emergent ethno-cultural community leaders. In this free, interactive training, participants build on their existing skills and knowledge to improve the sustainability of our Region’s multicultural community groups.

Long term goals

  • Provide leadership skills in group development
  • Build on existing skills to help participants engage in community capacity building
  • Gain knowledge and skills needed to become a community leader
  • Promote integration by fostering a sense of belonging

Short Term Goals

  • Gain confidence in running community groups and projects
  • Learn the basic skills required for group participation and community cooperation
  • Promote self awareness using various tools and techniques
  • Grow inherent leadership talent
  • Transfer leadership skills from country of birth to Canadian context
  • Receive support in grant application process


  • An active member of an ethno-cultural group
  • Passion for building healthy communities
  • Commitment to program through regular attendance and participation

Download the application here

For more information, call
519.884.0000 x219

Funded by UW KWCF

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