Multicultural Outreach

The importance of reaching out and welcoming Newcomers became ingrained in the principles of KW Counselling Service beginning in 1956, when Hungarian refugees settling in this community were supported through outreach activities.

Outreach has since become embedded in our activities as a means to welcome people from various cultures, many where the word “counselling” does not exist.

Often it is the extended family and community who assist families in times of need. For those who have lost their traditional supports and who are arriving with a history of trauma and loss,
KW Counselling Services provides connections to informal and formal supports in community venues known to Newcomers.

These locations include many Neighbourhood Associations and agencies that primarily work with immigrants and refugees such as Focus for Ethnic Women, YMCA settlement services and the K-W Multicultural Centre.

For more information about this service contact us at 519.884.0000 x212

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