Multicultural Parenting:
Raising Successful Children in Two Cultures

KW Counselling is committed to facilitating practical and relevant parenting workshops for multicultural families in Waterloo Region. 

Currently, we run regular courses in Mandarin, but if there is an identified group of interested parents in any other language, we can arrange programs to meet the specific cultural and language needs of this group.

Interested parents or multicultural support organizations are encouraged to contact the Director of Family and Community Services for more information. Call Kate Seldon at 519.884.0000.

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Some topics covered in these classes are:

  • Maintaining your own culture while parenting children in Canada
  • Understanding Canadian customs and laws
  • Parenting styles—are they different between cultures?
  • Effective problem solving and communication strategies
  • Stress management for you and your children/teens
  • Coping with big emotions
  • Growing with your teenagers

Watch Parenting in Two Cultures (Dubbed in Mandarin) – Part One

Watch Parenting in Two Cultures (Dubbed in Arabic) – Part One