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Parenting with Passion at KW Counselling Services has been offering quality parenting programs throughout the Waterloo Region for many years. We believe that “parenting with passion” means finding and embracing the delights of loving and raising our children with positive parenting attitudes and practices. We further believe that all parents—regardless of circumstance, stressors, skill level, age, life experience or belief system—strive for these joyful moments with their children.

Fall 2020

Positive parenting is an approach to parenting that emphasizes the role of connection and healthy attachment in the parent-child relationship. It helps parents understand how this relationship is the key to building the skills that children and youth need to be healthy and happy.

This series of FREE one-hour positive parenting “snap shots” will get you thinking about your choices as a parent and help you develop strategies to become the parent that you want to be.

Each session stands alone. You can attend just one or all of them. Register by emailing


August 31, 2020 at 10:30am

Discipline or Punishment. Which works the best? This presentation looks at the impact of both discipline and punishment on the behaviour of children and teens and helps you to understand the difference between the two. Learn positive discipline strategies to help guide and support your children.


September 24, 2020 at 1:00pm

Connection or Correction. How do they work together? You have just come in the door and there are shoes all over the front entrance. Do you instantly shout at everyone to pick them up or do you take the time to warmly greet your kids? Find out the difference that a moment of connection makes when your goal is to correct a behaviour.


September 29, 2020 at 7:00pm

Encouragement or Praise. What is the difference? We often think that praise is a way of encouraging our children to succeed but sometimes too much praise can work against our best intentions. This presentation will help you learn the difference and give you some new strategies for encouraging your children.

Rainbow Parenting


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Whether you are a parent looking to enhance your skills and knowledge, a parent seeking help with specific challenges, difficult life transitions, or an adult who cares about the children and youth in your life, our parenting courses are designed to help you increase your feelings of competence and confidence.

Our program objectives are:

  • To increase knowledge of and skills in using positive discipline strategies.
  • To increase knowledge of and skills to engage effective communication practices.
  • To increase knowledge of and skills to develop positive self esteem and emotion management for yourself and your child/teen.
  • To promote positive self care practices.
  • To inform about the range of resources and services offered at KW Counselling Services and throughout the Waterloo Region.

As educators and facilitators, we approach our programs with the same passionate zeal that you bring to your parenting. Our content is modified regularly, based on feedback from participants and as new knowledge emerges in our society. We strive to keep our courses fresh, up-to-date, interactive and FUN!

Everyone is welcome to attend our universal parenting programs. We offer one night seminars, 4 to 8 week courses, part and full-day workshops.

Registration: Pre-registration for all courses is required by telephone at 519.884.0000. Registration deadline is one week before group begins. Courses listed will be offered provided there is sufficient registration. Referrals are not needed for our parent education programs and all adults in the Waterloo Region are invited to attend.

Fees: Fees are charged because high quality parent education is costly. Subsidies are available for all programs and are based on your annual family income. Participants wishing to discuss fees and subsidies are asked to contact or call our main office at 519.884.0000.