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Statement to demand a vote to pass Bill C-6 – An Act to amend the Criminal Code (conversion therapy)

posted by KWCS Staff

Kitchener-Waterloo Counselling Services (KWCS) is standing with the multitude of voices demanding the Senate reconvene to vote on and pass Bill C-6 – An Act to amend the Criminal Code (conversion therapy). This Bill passed in the House of Commons on June 22nd but has been stalled in the Senate. It sits in limbo, with danger of dying if a federal election is called before a Senate vote.  

The harms of conversion therapy (also known as reparative therapy, aversion therapy, or conversion practices) are well-documented. This harmful practice has been widely discredited and denounced. Over 60 professional, medical, health, and human rights organizations have issued statements opposing conversion therapy. The 2SLGBTQIA+ community deserves and needs protection from these devastating and lasting harms in the form of criminal law. There is no time to waste. We demand action now.  

What can you do to help?

Email Speaker Furey, and all Senators, demanding they reconvene the Senate and vote to pass Bill C-6. No Conversion Canada has an easy way for you to email the Senators of your province or territory here.

Support No Conversion Canada

Use #NoConversionCanada in social media posts

Learn more about the harms of conversion therapy and why passing this Bill into Law is urgent and imperative. You can read more statements by Egale, Canadian Association of Social Workers, and Ontario Association of Children's Aid Societies.

Learn more about how a federal Bill becomes Law in Canada: YouTube: How does a Bill become Law?