Strategic Priorities

KW Counselling Services has four Strategic Priorities for 2020-2023. These were adopted by our Board of Directors during our triennial strategic planning process in 2020. 

Accessibility, Responsiveness, and Quality of Service – In the next three years, we will: Collaborate with our clients, funders and service delivery partners to simplify access to our services, reduce wait times, and identify and remove barriers.

Collaboration – In the next three years, we will: Be a leader in the development of innovative whole-community solutions. We will work to build healthy relationships with partner organizations while maintaining our values, identity and culture.

Employer of Choice – In the next three years, we will: Build opportunities for growth and development for staff, and foster a culture or resiliency, and wellness.

Financial Sustainability – In the next three years, we will: Continue to seek innovative partnerships to control costs and enhance our service offerings, while maintaining and deepening a diversity of funding sources.