Strong Moms, Safe Kids

Strong Moms, Safe Kids is a special group for mothers and children who have experienced domestic violence in their homes. The group is provided free of charge and supports these families in the healing process and in regaining their confidence and skills. The program focuses on the relationship between mothers and their children, recognizing that when a mother experiences intense times in her life, it is difficult to tune into her children’s needs. The group provides children with the opportunity to move beyond what happened in their family in a safe and therapeutic way. By supporting mothers and helping them understand the trauma through their children’s eyes, they are better able to provide the ongoing emotional support their children need.

The spring 2020 group has been cancelled

This program is for:

  • Mothers who have experienced abuse in intimate relationships
  • Their children, ages 4-18, who have witnessed abuse in their homes
  • Mothers and children living apart from the person who abused them
  • Families of all cultures: those not comfortable with English can have an interpreter provided for them

A Strong Moms, Safe Kids group lasts for 10 weeks and families enjoy both food and fun together. The group provides time for families to interact together and also provides smaller groups for mothers, youth and younger children to engage in the week’s topic in an age-appropriate way.

If you are interested in participating in our Strong Moms, Safe Kids program, please call The Strong Moms, Safe Kids Coordinator at
519.884.0000 x240.