Temper Taming Together



Do you have a child or children between the ages of 5 to 12? Do they have Big Emotions that they have difficulty expressing? As a parent, do you sometimes experience Big Emotions, too?

If so, then Temper Taming Together could be a great opportunity for your family!

Temper Taming Together is a session for parents and children. It focuses on helping children develop the skills to identify, express and manage their emotions more effectively while also helping parents develop the skills to guide and support their children’s emotional experiences. Participants learn how to recognize and talk about feelings, how to take care of emotions so that you can stay in control, and how you can support your family members in handling their feelings in healthy and helpful ways.

Some of the time is spent together, learning through fun activities, and some of the time is spent in separate sessions, so parents get the chance to talk with other parents and children get a chance to learn through guided play and activities.


Topics include:

  • Our Big Emotions
  • Our Brains and Our Bodies
  • Safe and Loving Relationships
  • Conflict and Connection