Stories & Testimonials

These testimonials from former clients and community members allow you to see first-hand the positive impact of our services.

Trauma & Attachment

“I was about 4 years old when I came into care. I sometimes feel that it was my fault because I came into foster care, but I am learning now that it was not.”

Educators & students talk about having a Gay Straight Alliance in their school:

“Having a GSA has had a wonderful impact on our school and community. It helped us to create a safer environment for LGBTQ staff, students and family members.”

Substance Abuse

“KW Counselling has seen me through a very traumatic time where I could have been hospitalized. I have been able to work through my problems, which I would have otherwise looked to medication for. I am far more stable than when I started counselling, and I am better able to work with others. I’m not finished yet, but I am always learning new skills for dealing with real life and its challenges.”

Domestic Violence

“I feel that my counsellor at KWCounselling Services possesses a remarkable understanding of my culture and religion and is always prepared to learn more about the various dimensions and intricacies of my cultural and religious identity in order to better assist and support me as I heal from past abuse and forge ahead to a bright and safe future.”

Multicultural Domestic Violence Program Participant

Witnessing Abuse

“A young boy attended our program. He began to play with a dollhouse. A “dinosaur” attacked the family in the house. The boy’s imagined family could not move away because they did not have enough money. His mother observed this play in awe – he had been only 2 ½ at the time that his mother left her abuser, and she didn’t realize he was so aware.

The boy posted other animals on the corners of the house to watch over the family until they could move. He found secret places in the house where family members could hide.

This little boy had difficulties with anger and social situations at school. His mother reports that now he is doing much better, and is learning to handle conflict more calmly. As mothers and children recover from abuse, their relationships can get stronger, their self-esteem rises, and they can reach out in hope again to their community.”

Abusive Relationships

“I was involved in an abusive relationship (mentally and physically) for five years. I didn’t like myself or anybody else, and I had a very negative attitude towards everyone, including myself. I was very confused as to why I was allowing what was happening to me. I was at the point where I didn’t care if I lived or died, but having two small children at home made me have to do something positive. If it wasn’t for my counselling, I would still be just existing, instead of living. I understand myself to the point where my whole life isn’t as negative as I once thought. I can break down problems and more often find solutions to them, or at least be able to deal with them. Most of all, I like myself and respect my feelings. By liking myself, things just don’t seem as bad as they once seemed. I have a much more positive outlook, and for the first time in my life, I am in control of what happens to me and it feels so good that at times I feel as though my life just really started.

If I had not sought counselling, I’m sure that I would just forever allow people to abuse me and take advantage of me. They say that you can only go so low until you start coming up again, without any counselling I’m sure that I would have given a new definition to “so low”, to look back on the way that I was, existing only. I allowed anything and everything to happen to me, letting people use me and take advantage of me, because I thought that was the way people showed that they cared for me. Had I kept feeling like that I can only believe that I would have raised my children to believing my beliefs at the time, which in turn would have given them the same way of life.

With counselling, I have learned so much about feelings and how to deal with them; it’s made me not only a better person, but a better mother, sister, daughter and friend.

I have nothing but good things to say about the program, and knowing I’m not the only person with problems. I wish that everyone could benefit from therapy. To me, it saved my life, and gave me something to look forward to everyday; A New Beginning.”