TLC: Trusting, Loving Connections

Many families struggle with stressful lives and the effects of earlier adversities that may include trauma.  The journey to recover and heal from these adverse experiences and cope with on-going stressors can be a long and bumpy road.  Trusting Loving Connections (TLC) is a 10-week program designed to support the journey. TLC was developed for biological parents and kinship caregivers of children to strengthen their relationships with their children in ways that promote healthier child development and support healing and positive changes.  The program is based on knowledge about parent-child attachment and an understanding of the effects of trauma, including loss, abuse, exposure to violence, and neglect. The focus of this program is on supporting parents in learning about how their past experiences have influenced them and their parenting, how children develop and express their needs, and how to develop more trusting, loving connections. 

The program consists of ten 90-minute parent sessions, each focusing on a different parenting theme.  The last four sessions are followed by a 45-minute parent-child interaction session during which facilitators support parents in applying key learnings to their interactions with their children.

This program is offered in collaboration with Family and Children’s Services of the Waterloo Region. Referrals are made to the program through Family and Children’s Services.

Attachment and trauma counselling