Twelve Reasons to Come to Walk-In Counselling

October 25th, 2022

By: jacki

Mental wellness is a vital part of our overall health and wellbeing. Counselling is one of the ways we can look after our mental health. Have you ever gone to counselling? Maybe you currently have a therapist or counsellor who you see regularly. Have you thought about going to counselling but just haven’t made the leap and booked an appointment? Walk-in may be perfect for you.   

Twelve reasons to come to walk-in:  

  1. Life is a lot right now and you could use someone to talk to who won’t judge you or make you feel bad for talking about yourself too much 
  1. You have an appointment booked for next week, but could really use a session this week, too 
  1. Counselling is something you did a few months ago and could use a “top up” session to talk over some things again 
  1. You’d like an objective person to bounce some things around with 
  1. You could use some assurance that you’re on the right track 
  1. You just need someone to listen to you 
  1. You’re feeling a bit stuck 
  1. There’s a parenting challenge that you’re not sure how to deal with 
  1. You feel as if you’re spinning a bit out of control and could use some grounding 
  1. You’re feeling isolated and these last couple years have been really hard 
  1. Talk it through while the concerns are on your mind rather than waiting for an appointment 
  1. Talking helps! 

Our Walk-In Counselling Clinic welcomes you every Thursday from 2-6pm at our KW Counselling Services offices at 480 Charles Street East, Kitchener.

If you’re considering it, it’s for you!

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