Volunteering with KW Counselling Services


KW Counselling Services believes in the value of people of all ages contributing their time to get involved with people, causes and organizations they care about.  This involvement fosters civic responsibility, participation and interaction.  We believe that volunteerism is one means of honouring our vision of a “community where no one is left behind; A community where relationships are valued as its highest social achievement.”

The Value of Volunteering

KW Counselling Services believes that volunteer involvement has a powerful impact on Waterloo Region, its communities, this agency and the individuals and families we support.  It:

  • is vital for strong, inclusive and resilient communities,
  • builds the capacity of KW Counselling Services,
  • builds relationships,
  • promotes a sense of belonging and well-being,
  • provides the opportunity for individuals to engage according to their personal preferences and motivations,
  • connects people to the causes they care about and allows community outcomes and personal goals to be met within a spectrum of engagement.

Types of Volunteers

KW Counselling Services relies on the expertise and assistance of many types of volunteers.  The below list is not exhaustive and we are always open to hearing new suggestions for ways in which volunteers can help.  Not all of these positions are open all the time.  Please use the contact information to the right to check for availability.

Board of Directors or Committee Volunteer

Individuals who contribute to a committee as a representative of the community.

Walk In Counselling Clinic Volunteer

Professionally trained clinicians who volunteer as therapeutic counsellors at the KWCS Walk In Counselling Clinic on Thursdays from noon until 8:00pm.

Walk In Intake Volunteer

Individuals who volunteer as intake workers at the KWCS Walk In Counselling Clinic on Thursdays from noon until 6:30pm.

Special Events Volunteer

Individuals who participate and support agency functions. Includes a variety of roles from publicity to preparatory labour.

Program Support Worker

Individuals dedicated to supporting the works of designated programs. This may include a variety of roles as assigned and approved by all parties.